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Tattoo artist

Tattoo Artist

Getting a tattoo is almost like getting married. You choose the right tattoo artist and you’ll be happy with your decision for years. Like any other service, tattoos have the good, the bad, the ugly… then there is outstanding. There are tattoo artists who’ll blow your mind. Then we have those who shouldn’t be allowed near a tattoo machine. 

At Mani Torre, we have taken time to study, practice, and master the required skills taking our art to a whole new level. Our tattoo artist will give you solid, straight lines with no wobbles. The colors are within the lines, and coloring, and shading is even.

Our tattoo scripting is like no other and we have consistently produced quality tattoos. Our tattoo artists have learned the art, techniques, and tricks of creating quality designs.

What makes us stand out?

Quality workmanship

Tattoo removal costs more and hurts a lot more compared to getting the tattoo. There is really no excuse for not getting it right the first time. Our services come at a fair fee and you’ll get outstanding workmanship. As a result, we are renowned for providing the best tattoo Tiel.    

Pristine clean and sterile studio

We don’t compromise on the laws and guidelines that govern us. Our tattoo artists are clean, wear gloves and smell good. We ensure a thorough wipe down is done in between clients. Our seats, bench and ink boxes are clean and well-organized. We use new paper towels and pots with each client.

 We provide hospital-grade sterilization. The tattoo needles are new and opened before your eyes so you ensure they are in their sterile package. Our tattoo machines and other reusable items are properly sterilized in the autoclave. You can rest assured that all blood-borne viruses and bacteria are killed.

Professional tattoo artist

You will get to work with nice and respectful artists who can hold a conversation. They respect your boundaries. They will give your art tattoo a personal touch to make it unique to you and provide knowledgeable aftercare advice. They don’t take any alcohol or drugs prior to and during your tattoo session.

You don’t want a crappy, blotchy, and misspelled tattoo on your body. Keep in mind that tattoos are forever and second chances are scares. It pays to get the best tattoo Tiel.

Do you like what we do?