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Tattoo Tiel

Want to get a cool tattoo in Tiel?

Do you want a bright, bold, and clean tattoo in Tiel? 

Well, you’re in the right place. At Mani Torre, we will make you a masterpiece. It’s the place to get your tattoo done right. We specialize in all art tattoo styles from lettering to 3D geometry, ornamental, black & gray, traditional, illustrative, chaotic, realism, and more. 

You can bring your custom artwork or check out our numerous sample designs for inspiration. We promise you’ll walk away with a timeless tattoo. We don’t want you to pay for laser tattoo removal or a cover-up design for your spur-of-the-moment choice. Here, we walk hand in hand with you informing you all the details you need to know before getting a tattoo.

Why Work with Mani Torre?

Straight ticket to custom designs by pros

We are dedicated to providing the tattoo community in Tiel and beyond a world-class experience. The commitment we make goes beyond the quality of your tattoo. As a tattoo Tiel custom design shop, we are trusted by clients to create a piece that’s unique to them. Whatever your tattoo preference, our artists have your best interest in mind.


You are guaranteed to get the best tattoo Tiel and have an outstanding experience. Our tattoo artist and studio observe the highest professional standards in skill and conduct. You aren’t going to get a more sterile, friendlier, and cleaner environment in Tiel!


We have completed all the necessary requirements needed to be licensed tattoo artists. You’ll be able to verify this on our license.

What you need to know before getting a tattoo?

Tattoo risks

The good news is that tattoo reactions aren’t common. But red and black dyes have been reported to cause an allergic reaction. You can talk to your dermatologist first if you have any concerns. In addition, if you’ve previously reacted to costume jewelry, hair dye, or cheap fragrances, talk to a doctor.

 Avoid alcohol

Don’t pop a few tequila shots if you’re planning to get a tattoo. You don’t need Dutch courage to have one done. As experienced tattoo Tiel artists, we’ll tell you slamming a few shots thins your blood making you bleed more when getting your tattoo. A lot of blood thins the ink and the final result might end up being messy. Just eat well, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and don’t show up hungover.


Are you interested in a top-notch art tattoo shop?


Passion must be fundamental for the development of this company. We will always face different obstacles given by a constantly evolving market; therefore, only passion will allow us to overcome all the challenges that come along.


This company will always seek to be a growing company, curiosity is key to always being in a process of learning, because only in this way customers will be provided the service that they deserve.


Understand that in order to excel in a growing market, we always have to be at the disposal of change as the market demands it, and adapt by looking for new strategies and alternatives in a creative way.


Having empathy is one of the main values ​​that we offer at La Catrina. We try to think like our clients and understand their needs.