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Mani Torre Tattoo Artist


A tattoo is a body art, a way to capture and express what people feel and think. We offer clients innovative designs, developing custom tattoos that seek to go beyond expectations and needs, in order to allow them to carry on their body an image of what they have in their minds.


Passion must be fundamental for the development of this company. We will always face different obstacles given by a constantly evolving market; therefore, only passion will allow us to overcome all the challenges that come along.


This company will always seek to be a growing company, curiosity is key to always being in a process of learning, because only in this way customers will be provided the service that they deserve.


Understand that in order to excel in a growing market, we always have to be at the disposal of change as the market demands it, and adapt by looking for new strategies and alternatives in a creative way.


Having empathy is one of the main values ​​that we offer at La Catrina. We try to think like our clients and understand their needs.

Mani Torre Tattoo Artist


Be recognized for our excellent quality and hygiene to a high standard. As well as excellent customer service. Achieving total quality, innovation and development.