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Art tattoo

Get a cool art tattoo in our studio

The tattoo world has evolved over the years. Tattoos are now socially accepted and becoming pieces of fine art. Art tattoo is one of the purest forms of visuals that aren’t tainted by money or conversations around modern arts. Collectors can’t flip it or store it in the basement when they decide it no longer matches the wall. With an art tattoo, it walks around the globe, alive for as long as one lives.

As a tattoo artist, creating tattoos pose the same questions as to when one is creating art for exhibitions. You think about art placement relationship with the environment. Very similar to asking, “How does the placement of the art tattoo change the relationship between the body and nearby tattoos?”

At Mani Torre tattoo artist, we have knowledgeable experts who will equip you with honest and professional advice on any art tattoo design and placement beforehand. Whether you have a custom design or you’ve picked a sample from our portfolio, we’ll tailor-make it to suit you. We have honed and developed our skills in linework and shading ensuring our clients go home with a masterpiece.

We will hold your hand all through the process. From pre-tattoo to tattoo aftercare and ongoing tattoo care.


Choosing the right tattoo for you is one of the most important steps in getting an art tattoo. The type of tattoo, the placement, and the tattoo artist play a great role in the longevity of your artwork.

When it comes to the type of tattoo, are you interested in black and grey or colored tattoos? Darker colors like reds, blacks, and greys last longer compared to vibrant colors like yellows, pink, or light greens. However, you can do frequent touchups to keep these colors vibrant. We use the highest ink quality for your tattoos to ensure they last longer and there are no harmful ingredients in the ink. 

We’ll discuss the placement and inform you of where it hurts most. Also, keep in mind the more friction on your tattoo the faster it wears.

Tattoo aftercare

The most effective way to keep your art tattoo in the best shape is by adhering to the right aftercare practices.  We advise you to keep it clean and moisturized at all times. Don’t scratch, avoid soaking it until it’s healed, keep it out of direct UV rays, and use the antibacterial ointment we recommend.

Ongoing tattoo care

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, and use sunscreen.

If your tattoo has already begun to fade, we can also restore it to its former glory. Our experts provide tattoo touch-ups.

Are you looking forward to getting tattooed?